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Outlook IMAP Settings

May 20, 2014     0 comments

To set up an IMAP account when it doesn't exist;
1.  TOOLS pull down menu
2.  Choose EMAIL ACCOUNTS; add new email, takes you to a panel with 5 options.
3.  Click on the IMAP account.
Fill in all pertinent information which is the same as your own personal e-mail address.
Enter the letters IMAP in space provided under GENERAL Tab.

To remove IMAP account from send-receive email.
1.  Go to tools options.
2.  Mail setup TAB; click send-receive.
4.  Select the edit button.
5.  Select the IMAP folder on the left.
6.  Un-check the "include account in this send/receive group.
7.  Hit OK.
Create two imap folders if you have Spam Service.
Make sure they are lower case with underscore.

When you get emails that manage to get through that are spam you will move them into the folder called junk_learn.  Even the ones that get SPAM TAGGED.

When you emails that are SPAM TAGGED but are not supposed to be (in other words good emails) you will move them into the ham_learn outlook folder that you created.

Check your outlook help file, these folder can be in anyone of your receiving account mailbox because even if you get email from other boxes you can transfer there because it all goes to the same place anyway.

Every morning the spam engine takes these emails that you placed there, reads header information from them and places just the information in a database to learn from.  The entire email is deleted and you will see that the emails that you transfer to this box are no longer there

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