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Internet Explorer Security Message

June 18, 2015     0 comments

Clients using Internet Explorer Browser and other Browsers are getting a mismatch security certificate message every time they attempt a log into their secure hosing panel.

IE as well as other Browsers have installed many security features for the best but can also become annoying at times.  Most of the time if you know the site you are visiting it will be safe.  What you may do is to configure properly and install the certificate into your Browser as a trusted site.  By doing this, you will not receive the security warning any longer.

Please save this message with the following instructions.

When you attempt to log into your hosting panel at:

You will receive a nasty message not to continue unless your know this web site.  This will happen every time or until you install the certificate.

To install the certificate do the following:

1. Choose "continue (not recommended)" message.
2. Do not log into your hosting panel at this time after you do this.
3. Next to the address bar on the right you will see a box with the word certificate error, click on this box.
4.  Box will pop up,click "view Certificate"
5.  Certificate info will appear, clik on "Install Certificate"
6.  Certificate Wizard will appear, click next.
7.  Choose automatic and click next.
8.  Click Finish
9.  Security warning will appear that you are about to install, say "yes"

You will see a message "import success", close all windows along with Browser, open a new browser window and go to your hosting panel link, all should be fine, you should not be getting any more of these security messages.

We have encounter users that after installing the certificate, they are still getting the security warning window every time they try to log into their hosting panel.  This only happens if your registry is corrupted and does not let you install the certificates for some reason.  This we can not help you with, it is a local registry problem that you have in your computer.  Until you fix this problem you will just have to say continue every time you get the security warning.

Note:  Most of the time when you visit the URL link you will not have to do this as it is automatically recognized.

If you have any questions or need further clarification please start a support ticket by login into your Billing and Support panel located;

We mean to service you the best way possible.
The VPS Worldoversea Hosting Team

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