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Billing Tab Overview

May 20, 2014     0 comments

Under the Main Billing Tab you can view all your Active and Paid invoices.  You will always have a record of your accounting including copies of your pdf Active and Paid Invoices.  You can save these to your local computer or email to yourself.

There are 3 Tabs in the Billing section of your panel.

1. Viewing Active Invoices:
Here you may view Active and Paid invoices.

2. Archived Invoices:
Here are past paid invoices that you have moved from the Active section with pdf printable record.
You may Archive all or certain paid invoices to keep your Active invoice section easier to refer to.

3. Recurring Overview:
Here are future invoices that will be sent with regards to your service. 
If you wish to change or upgrade any part of your service, please submit a Support ticket.

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