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Clients using Internet Explorer Browser and other Browsers are getting a mismatch security certificate message every time they attempt a log into their secure hosing panel.

IE as well as other Browsers have installed many security features for the best but can also become annoying at times.  Most of the time if you know the site you are visiting it will be safe.  What you may do is to configure properly and install the certificate into your Browser as a trusted site.  By doing this, you will not receive the security warning any longer.

Please save this message with the following instructions.

When you attempt to log into your hosting panel at:

You will receive a nasty message not to continue unless your know this web site.  This will happen every time or until you install the certificate.

To install the certificate do the following:

1. Choose "continue (not recommended)" message.
2. Do not log into your hosting panel at this time after you do this.
3. Next to the address bar on the right you will see a box with the word certificate error, click on this box.
4.  Box will pop up,click "view Certificate"
5.  Certificate info will appear, clik on "Install Certificate"
6.  Certificate Wizard will appear, click next.
7.  Choose automatic and click next.
8.  Click Finish
9.  Security warning will appear that you are about to install, say "yes"

You will see a message "import success", close all windows along with Browser, open a new browser window and go to your hosting panel link, all should be fine, you should not be getting any more of these security messages.

We have encounter users that after installing the certificate, they are still getting the security warning window every time they try to log into their hosting panel.  This only happens if your registry is corrupted and does not let you install the certificates for some reason.  This we can not help you with, it is a local registry problem that you have in your computer.  Until you fix this problem you will just have to say continue every time you get the security warning.

Note:  Most of the time when you visit the URL link you will not have to do this as it is automatically recognized.

If you have any questions or need further clarification please start a support ticket by login into your Billing and Support panel located;

We mean to service you the best way possible.
The VPS Worldoversea Hosting Team

We have provided an email Push feature for those who have Smart phones.

Presently to retrieve your emails you have to configure your phones using imap or POP. You then have to configure your phone to check automatically or manually.  This eventually drains battery power depending how often you retrieve your email.  With the Push feature the email gets pushed automatically when they are received by the server to your phone, no need to check to have your phone configured to check email.  No battery drain.  All folders will be in iMap form.

We never suggest POP setup as it removes your email from the server and you will not be able to retrieve them from anywhere else or to your favorite main computer email client.

Theocratically all should now work, if you have an issue making it work please open a support ticket and we will guide you.  Some Apache Directives might need to be configure for domain.

Below are instructions for iPhone:

1. Do not delete but turn off your email config on your smart phone for checking email.
(this is in case you have an issue with Push you can always turn it on)

2.  Head over to your phone settings/mail/add account.

3.  Choose "Exchange"

4.  Follow the prompts and enter;
email, password and whatever description you want to identify the email address.
If a 'Domain' is requested, do not put anything.
The phone will check and make the configuration.
NOTE:  If you get a message "No SSL, say "continue" and it should work.

Below are instructions of Android:

1.  Follow number one for iPhone instructions.

2.  Settings/Accounts & Sync/Add Account/Corporate
(this type of account does the Exchange/ActiveSync type of work)
On next screen Username: (entire email address and Password)
If a 'Domain' is requested, do not put anything.

3.  The phone will check and make the configuration.
NOTE:  If you get a message "No SSL, say "continue" and it should work.

You will now be able to head over and see all your email folders.
Whatever folders you set up in Webmail Horde will show up.
Once you POP Inbox to email client, inbox will be empty except for the other folders.

Make sure you have configured your Fetch New Data to Push, head over to the Push settings changing all your past configure emails to Manual/Manual fetch. 
Change your new Exchange configuration to Push.

Please log into client panel and submit a Support Ticket with your request to the proper department.
 Make sure to give detail explanation of work or service needed.  We will respond promptly.
We thank you,
Worldoversea Administration
Payment Instructions:
1) After you have logged into our secure client management Billing & Support Panel; with your username (email address) and password.

2) Click on the "Billing" tab.
3) Select the invoice you want to pay by placing a check mark in the box.
4) Click on pay invoice at the bottom.
5) You will be navigated to the payment gateway.
6) Pay either by Credit Card of Paypal if you have an account.
It is not required for you to have a Paypal account to pay for your Active Invoice.
Under the Main Billing Tab you can view all your Active and Paid invoices.  You will always have a record of your accounting including copies of your pdf Active and Paid Invoices.  You can save these to your local computer or email to yourself.

There are 3 Tabs in the Billing section of your panel.

1. Viewing Active Invoices:
Here you may view Active and Paid invoices.

2. Archived Invoices:
Here are past paid invoices that you have moved from the Active section with pdf printable record.
You may Archive all or certain paid invoices to keep your Active invoice section easier to refer to.

3. Recurring Overview:
Here are future invoices that will be sent with regards to your service. 
If you wish to change or upgrade any part of your service, please submit a Support ticket.
To set up an IMAP account when it doesn't exist;
1.  TOOLS pull down menu
2.  Choose EMAIL ACCOUNTS; add new email, takes you to a panel with 5 options.
3.  Click on the IMAP account.
Fill in all pertinent information which is the same as your own personal e-mail address.
Enter the letters IMAP in space provided under GENERAL Tab.

To remove IMAP account from send-receive email.
1.  Go to tools options.
2.  Mail setup TAB; click send-receive.
4.  Select the edit button.
5.  Select the IMAP folder on the left.
6.  Un-check the "include account in this send/receive group.
7.  Hit OK.
Create two imap folders if you have Spam Service.
Make sure they are lower case with underscore.

When you get emails that manage to get through that are spam you will move them into the folder called junk_learn.  Even the ones that get SPAM TAGGED.

When you emails that are SPAM TAGGED but are not supposed to be (in other words good emails) you will move them into the ham_learn outlook folder that you created.

Check your outlook help file, these folder can be in anyone of your receiving account mailbox because even if you get email from other boxes you can transfer there because it all goes to the same place anyway.

Every morning the spam engine takes these emails that you placed there, reads header information from them and places just the information in a database to learn from.  The entire email is deleted and you will see that the emails that you transfer to this box are no longer there
Under the “tools” menu select “options”
Select the tab for “mail setup”
Click on “send/receive” button
Select “edit” on the right hand column,
There is a box that says “group name”
Click on “edit”
You are now able to choose which email account to change the settings for. 
Choose the email account on the left hand column to change the send and receive settings.
Check or uncheck the boxes you want the specific options for.
Click “ok” and you’re done.

Change the message format for all messages that you send to Text.

Most email clients will be able to receive and read standard text messages rather than Html.

You can configure Outlook so that all new e-mail messages use the message format of your choice.

On the Tools menu,

click Options,

click the Mail Format tab.

In the Compose in this message format list, click the format that you want.

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