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Weight Distribution Hitch: Our 99 GC was sagging in the rear big time towing roughly a total of 6+k pounds.  My wife and I who share the driving in all or our off road adventures also notice that there was quite a bit of swaying traveling at speeds over 60mph and when being passed by the truckers.
I've used spring helpers and air bellows on prior occasions and was leaning on getting the bellows one more time until a good friend advised me to look into the WDH. I honestly say that it is the best money we have ever spent. The GC does not sag any longer as the weight is evenly distributed from front to back of the tow vehicle. The swaying has totally disappear and we are able to tow at speeds of 75 to 80 mph.  If you are towing I highly recommend this option for your tow vehicle, you will never regret it.

In the above pictures you will see the hitch and how it installs on the car trailer. Below you will see the GC loaded with all the weight and extra tires on the car rack.

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Gps.jpg (16907 bytes) Garmin GPSIII with Dash Mount:

We purchased this GPS due to the good name Garmin has in the GPS industry. The unit is low profile. The optional 4 way dash mount is also very low profile and can be adjusted to pretty much any angle.

Since we have a soft top there was no need for a hard wire antenna. I seem to get good reception all the time except on covered spots which other hard wired antenna vehicles seem to also have while being in the same vicinity.

To the left you will see where it is mounted on the TJ.  I took out the dash cover to screw in the base of the mount.

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